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Angela Fernandez: Why I got Arrested

Why I Got Arrested

- Angela Fernandez, board member of the New York Immigration Coalition and executive director of Northern ManhattanCoalition for Immigrant Rights

As the executive director of the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights, our organization works with immigrants who are greatly affected by this nation’s broken immigration system. Our community members live in fear and face the threat of deportation every day. I risked arrest because the painful deportations of immigrant community members must be stopped. I’m here to send a message that our communities will no longer wait, and we demand a stop to the deportations and we demand reform with no less than a clear path to citizenship. This is why I was proud to join in this act of civil disobedience, to show Congress that we will not go away and that our tactics will continue to escalate until Speaker John Boehner and the House leadership bring comprehensive immigration reform to a vote.

[Photo above] Angela Fernandez is arrested outside the Varick St. Detention Center on October 29th with 9 other protesters.


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