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The DACA Advantage: Getting a Social Security Card

There are a lot of advantages to applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Everyone knows that DACA stops you from being deported and that it gets you a work authorization, but I wanted to look at some of the other not-so-obvious benefits. One of the biggest is getting a Social Security card. 

Once you get your work permit, you should apply for your Social Security Card. You will get it very quickly, in most cases. To get the card, look up your local Social Security office at www.ssa.gov. When you go to Social Security to apply for your number, you should bring your work permit. If you have them, you may want to take your birth certificate and other identification documents to prove your identity.Make sure to bring your current address with you so they know where to send your card.

Once you get your Social Security card, stop using your ITIN number for your taxes and use your new Social Security number. You should also give your boss the Social Security number so that any payments made are credited to your account. If you are getting DACA, the odds are you are pretty young, but someday, if you apply for Social Security, you will be glad that you have the number. It can give you a retirement income after you stop working or if you become disabled once you get your permanent residence. 

Patrick Young is an attorney at CARECEN in Hempstead.


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