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Can’t March Today? Donate to stop the #MuslimBan.

Last week, President Trump declared war on America’s immigrants. But we’re fighting back - and we’re starting to win.  

Will you help us continue our fight?

President Trump signed executive orders this past week that called for - among other things - building a border wall, launching a “deportation force” targeting millions of immigrants, banning refugees from coming to this country, and barring entry to Muslims from seven countries.  On Friday night, we saw his orders take effect - hundreds of people coming to the United States - refugees, students, legal permanent residents - were forcibly detained at airports across the country and threatened with being sent back.

But we’re fighting back - and we’re starting to win.  Last night, we were joined by thousands of New Yorkers at JFK Airport to protest these unlawful policies and demand the release of the people detained.  And through the collective efforts of advocates, lawyers and organizers in New York and nationwide, a New York federal court issued a temporary stay halting President Donald Trump’s executive order.  This morning, the White House began rolling back their ban, allowing in legal permanent residents from those seven countries - another significant victory.

But we need your help to completely reverse these executive orders, once and for all.  

Thousands are rallying at Battery Park at 2 pm today to say #NoMuslimBan.  But if you can’t join us at Battery Park, show your support by donating to the NYIC.


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