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Immigration Fast Five 3.31.17

Immigration Agents Round up 84 in Alaska, Washington, Oregon US News 03.30.17

ICE officials carried out a three-day operation in the Northwest states, with the objective of “targeting criminals”; however, 24 undocumented immigrants without any criminal background were also arrested and detained.



5 must-have apps for undocumented immigrants CNN 03.30.17


Five apps have been created to help immigrants, especially those undocumented, with translating, knowing when and where ICE raids will take place, finding assistance, understanding immigration and legal processes, and sending messages to family and friends in the case of an emergency.



Numbers of Refugees Resettled in U.S. Skyrocketed since Trump’s Ban Shot Down Huffington Post 03.29.17


Since blocks against Trumps’ travel ban were upheld in court, the number of refugees being allowed to enter the U.S. and resettlement programs has increased from 400 to 900 per week.



Sessions seeks greater role for Justice in immigration enforcement Washington Post 03.31.17


The Department of Justice is attempting to enforce stronger tactics against immigration, withhold funding from sanctuary cities, and expedite deportation processes, overstepping their jurisdiction on the issue.



Trump may force thousands of legal immigrants to stop working or head home Washington Post 03.30.17


The Trump Administration, especially Attorney General Jeff Sessions, shows depleting support for a bill introduced in 2015 that allows spouses of H-1B visa holders to work in the U.S.


Photo: Washington Post




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