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ICE Office Shut Down In Buffalo: 8 Arrested in Solidarity with #Buffalo25, Following One Of The Largest Workplace Raids Under Obama


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Press Contact: Carlos Rojas,  Cell Phone: 732-372-1487,  E-mail: crojasrodriguez88@gmail.com
Buffalo, NY  (Thursday, October 27, 2016)

ICE Office Shut Down In Buffalo: 8 Arrested in Solidarity with #Buffalo25, Following One Of The Largest Workplace Raids Under Obama

Community members, immigration activists and clergy marched to the Buffalo ICE field office this morning to show support for Aida Ramirez Arellano, a mother of two us citizen children who was detained and placed into deportation proceedings as part of the mass workplace raid of 4 mexican restaurants last week. Aida is currently on an ankle monitor, and has appointments with ICE while she fights her deportation case. “When ICE came they took my children away from me and gave them to a foster family. I thought I would never be able to see them again,” said Aida Ramirez Arellano. “Now they are back with me but everyday they ask to see their dad. I do not know what will happen to them if I am deported.”

Community members, clergy and immigrant rights activists are calling for the Obama Administration to stop the deportations of workers and their families, and drop prosecutions for immigration related violations immediately. “What does it mean that ICE can walk into any restaurant across America and detain all of its workers?” said Nataly Castaño, one of the 8 people arrested in solidarity with the workers. “The #Buffalo25 are facing detention and deportation for the crime of working, when the truth is the entire restaurant industry depends on the labor of undocumented workers.”

“When my father was in deportation proceedings for 2 years, one of the hardest things was feeling alone and needing to pretend day after day that everything was okay even though I was full of fear because of the uncertainty and anger because of the injustice,” said Fhatima Reyes Paulino. “Today I am getting arrested to say that family unity is the least we deserve and to show the #Buffalo25 that there are people who will stand with them.”

Under the Bush administration, it was a common practice for ICE to raid workplaces and deport mass numbers of immigrant workers, thereby separating families and destroying entire communities. However, as of April 2009, the Obama Administration ended the practice of mass workplace raids, shifting ICE focus to auditing and criminally prosecuting employers. Lawyers and activists are still trying to understand what prompted this raid, bookending Obama’s 8 years in office.

Press Contacts:

Carlos Rojas, crojasrodriguez88@gmail.com, 732-372-1487
Emily Terrana, eterrana@gmail.com, 716-578-8145

The rapid response actions are being supported by SURJ (Showing Up For Racial Justice), the Coalition For Economic Justice, PUSH Buffalo, and Cosecha, a national movement fighting for the permanent protection, respect, and dignity of all immigrants.


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