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RFI - Social Work Intern

Due Date: July 21, 2017 (updated deadline)

How to Apply: Click here to access the fillable RFI form. Download, fill out and sign the form, and then submit it to membership@nyic.org

The NYIC is pleased to announce a Request for Interest (RFI) to support NYIC Member organizations in hosting student social work interns from the New York University (NYU) Silver School of Social Work and the Columbia University School of Social Work.


  • will provide 21 hours per week to their host site from September 2017 through May 2018 (or 15 hours per week from September 2017 through mid-July 2018)
  • are required to complete 600 hours
  • are Masters students or senior Bachelors students
  • can work on projects related to advocacy, case management, community outreach, counseling, direct service, fundraising, policy analysis, program development, and research/data collection
  • are unpaid and are participating in these positions to learn, gain field experience, and meet the academic requirements for the social work degree that they are pursuing 

Host sites need to:

  • provide the intern with an office supervisor
  • allow the intern to attend periodic trainings and networking sessions provided by the NYIC
  • be based in New York City, Lower Hudson Valley or Long Island 

All social worker interns need to have their social work practice overseen by a "field instructor" who fits the following criteria. If your organization does not have someone who can serve as the field instructor, the Columbia or the NYU may be able to provide an offsite field instructor to you, provided that your social work intern is not providing onsite counseling, case management and/or clinical services. 

  •  graduated from an accredited MSW program
  • have at least 3 years of post-graduate professional experience as a social worker in an agency
  • obtained appropriate social work licensure - Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) - for the scope of social work practice that the intern will be engaging in 
  • willing to enroll in a Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) course, if they haven't already taken it
  • have the field instructor review and comment on the intern's process recordings, complete intern evaluations, and participate in a faculty advisor site visit

Submitted RFI forms will be reviewed by the NYIC, the NYU Silver School of Social Work and the Columbia University School of Social Work,  who will assess the submissions based on whether or not the applicant:

  • has described the community needs that the intern can directly or indirectly help address
  • has described a realistic and appropriate plan for the intern's work
  • has someone who can serve as a field instructor for the intern (and if not, whether or not it would be possible to provide the applicant with one)
  • is a 2017 NYIC Member organization (or recently submitted an 2017 NYIC Member application/renewal)
  • is based in New York City, Long Island or Lower Hudson Valley

The following factors will also be considered when reviewing submissions in an attempt to provide a diverse collection of Member organizations with social work interns, and to reward Member organizations that are highly engaged in the NYIC's work.

  • geographic areas served
  • immigrant communities served
  • level of engagement in the NYIC’s work during the past 12 months

After reviewing the submitted RFI forms, a select number of applicants will be asked to formally apply to host a social work intern from either the Columbia University School of Social Work or the NYU Silver School of Social Work. 

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