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Sarah Duncan: Why I Got Arrested

 Why I Choose to Get Arrested

- Sarah M. Duncan

The current immigration policies and practices of our federal government – practices that repeatedly separate families, return refugees to danger, deliver physical and emotional abuse, confine without cause or due process—is without question immoral, cruel, and unjust. I faced arrest on October 29th because inaction in the face of injustice, cruelty, and immorality is unacceptable.

To pretend, like some Republicans have been doing, that our current immigration policies don’t affect me because I am a middle class white woman born in the U.S. is wrong. A just and humane immigration reform system benefits us all. After all, a government that uses power without mercy against one group of individuals is a government capable of using power without mercy against any individual, group, or community. These actions and our reactions to what is being done now set a precedent for the future of this country – a future that affects every one of us. Immigration reform will uplift American values, not diminish them.

I am risking arrest to stand up for those who have been rendered silent out of fear for themselves and their families. I got arrested because I believe my duty as an American citizen and as a human is to fight for and alongside immigrant community members as they demand their human rights. We must fight for others as a way to fight for ourselves and our communities, locally and globally. We must let our elected officials know we are paying attention, we’re furious, and we demand action and reparation.

See you in the street.

[Left to Right] Angela Fernandez, Bishop Orlando Findlayter, Sister Susan Wilcox, Felix Cepeda, Angelica Clarke, Ariana Rosas, Sarah Duncan, Mazeda Uddin block the street outside the Varick St. Detention Center and risk arrest for immigration reform.


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