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Constitution Gives Birthright Citizenship to Kids of Immigrants

When the Constitution was drafted in Philadelphia in 1787, its protections were not extended to African Americans and other non-white peoples living here, nor were immigrants and the children of immigrants fully protected by it. That inclusion of the broader populace only came in 1868 with the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment.

All Immigrants Need to Be Civically Engaged for Citizenship Day

September 17 is Citizenship Day. This is a day to remind us of the importance of immigrants to our communities. It is not just a day for those immigrants who have become citizens, It is also a reminder to all immigrants, citizens, residents, and undocumented immigrants, of the importance of their participation in our political system.

Judge: LI Town Violated Day Laborers' Rights Under Amend I


In a major free-speech victory for immigrants, a Federal judge ruled Thursday that a Long Island town’s anti-immigrant law is unconstitutional.

The Revival of the Racist Myth of the Anchor Baby

Anyone watching the news knows that the old racist term “Anchor Babies” is being thrown around a lot these day. The phrase has no legal meaning, but it is used to question the citizenship of Latinos born in the United States.

Anti-Immigrant Hate Crime In Suffolk Tests Police Willingness to Protect Latinos

On June 30, a Guatemalan immigrant was attacked by three men who jumped out of a pickup truck and beat him. The victim, named Juan, was riding his bike from his restaurant job in Farmingville, in central Suffolk County, to his home in Coram. It was 12:30 AM and there were few people out who could have witnessed the brutal assault on the dark road.

Hearing Friday July 10 on Injunction Blocking DAPA: Hopes Decline

Many of you have been looking forward to this Friday's arguments in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the Texas injunction halting the implementation of President Obama's executive action on immigration. Millions of immigrant families had their lives placed on hold because of that legal blockade. 

Supreme Court Issues Three Decisions Important to Immigrants in Two Weeks

The last few weeks have seen decisions by the Supreme Court on a variety of matters, ranging from same-sex marriage to lethal injections, of vital concern to all people living in the United States. Three decisions by the Court impact directly on hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

Justice Scalia Devalues Immigrant Marriages in Decision in Kerry v. Din

The decision on Monday by the Supreme Court not to allow a wife whose husband was denied a visa to know the reasons underlying the denial raises many troubling questions.

Long Island Child Refugees from Central America a Year Later

Last year the arrival of Central American refugee children at the southern border set off political shockwaves. Fox News tried to tie the children to ISIS and Ebola. The Immigration Courts created the so-called “Rocket Docket” to speed up proceedings to remove the children from the United States. Schools on Long Island tried to exclude them from an education.

Get Ready for Executive Action in Case Court Lifts Injunction

President Obama's executive action for immigration reform was put on hold in February, but that does not mean you should put your dreams on hold. We may get a decision allowing the DACA and DAPA programs to go forward as early as next month. Here are some low cost steps you can take now to get ready. 

May 1-Rally for Immigrants' Rights on May Day

This Friday, join the New York Immigration Coalition and thousands of other New Yorkers at the May Day Rally for a Pathway to Citizenship and for An End to Economic Inequality. With Congress blocking immigration reform and Albany stalled on the New York State DREAM Act, it is important for immigrants to show their strength to elected officials.

Undocumented Immigrants Pay Billions in Taxes & Many Pay More Than Millionaires Says Report

A new report from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy refutes the notion that undocumented immigrants don't pay taxes. According to the study by the non-partisan economic research organization, undocumented immigrants pay significant amounts of taxes. In fact they pay a higher percentage of their income in these taxes than many wealthy Americans. According to the report:

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