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Immigration Fast Five 2.21.17

Homeland Security Outlines New Rules Tightening Enforcement Of Immigration Law NPR 2/21/17

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly released memos that will direct how deportation proceedings are carried out under the Trump administration.

Music Across Borders: Artists from the Seven Banned Nations

Donald Trump's Executive Order (which is currently under a restraining order) banning travel from Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, and Libya have forced us to ask difficult questions about who we are as a nation. Do we want to remain a welcoming country, a nation of immigrants? If so, we must continue to celebrate the brave people from around the world who have left their homes to seek a new one here.

ICE Rumors at Kings County Hospital are False, but Reflect Community Unease

Written by Max Hadler, Health Specialist, New York Immigration Coalition

Immigration Fast Five 2.16.17

 Today's curated news stories on immigration


Report: ICE detains domestic violence victim in court The Hill 2/15/17

A woman allegedly a victim of domestic violence was arrested last week in court.

Immigration News Update 2/15/17

Trump rhetoric has created 'atmosphere of terror' for immigrants, advocate says Chicago Tribune 2/14/17

Immigrants in the United States are living in fear after Trump's rhetoric has created an anti-immigrant climate.

Immigration News Update 2/14/17

Immigration officials announce 41 arrests in NYC as Sen. Schumer criticizes lack of transparency, waste of resources New York Daily news 2/13/17

Senator Schumer criticized ICE as fear swept over the country during routine arrests.

Immigration News Update 2/10/17

Court Refuses to Reinstate Travel Ban, Dealing Trump Another Legal Loss New York Times 2/9/17

Immigration News Update 2/9/17

City agencies, organizations come together in Bay Ridge for pro-immigration ‘Day of Action’ Brooklyn Reporter 2/8/17 

NYIC MEMBERSHIP HIGHLIGHT: Cabrini Immigrant Services


Immigration News Update 2/8/17

Appeals Court Panel Appears Skeptical of Trump’s Travel Ban New York Times 2/7/17 

Immigration News Update 2/6/17

Assembly Democrats to pass fifth Dream Act, and an anti-Trump Liberty Act Times Union 2/6/17

Democrats are poised to pass legislation that would attempt to expand the rights of immigrants and protect them from Trump's new laws.

Immigration News Update 2/3/17

Coalition of Volunteers, Attorneys Camp Out at JFK in Wake of Trump Ban NBC New York 1/30/17

Camille Mackler, Director of Legal Initiatives at the NYIC, is coordinating volunteer legal efforts at JFK.

Join us Tomorrow for Jummah Prayer at JFK


Immigration News Update 2/1/17

Trump on immigration ban: 'Call it what you want' Business Insider 2/1/17

Trump is unconcerned over whether or not his executive orders consitute a ban on immigration.

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