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Immigration News Update 11-2-16

Arab American Association Celebrates 15 Years Voices of New York 10/31/16

Congratulations to the Arab American Association of New York, which has been supporting Arab immigrants and Americans for fifteen years! Their annual dinner event is tomorrow at 6:30 PM (https://www.facebook.com/events/1150350025040007/)

Immigration News Update 11-1-16

New York Values: How Immigrants Made the City NY Times 11/1/16

“City of Dreams: The 400-Year Epic History of Immigrant New York,” a new work by Tyler Anbinder, chronicles the beautiful mosaic of immigration in NYC.

Immigration News Update 10-31-16

Immigrants Are Keeping America Young — And The Economy Growing Five Thirty Eight 10/31/16

Immigration can help counteract the effects of an aging population by increasing the workforce.

Immigration News Update 10-27-16

One City, Two Immigration Stories, Past and Present NPR 10/26/16


Pam Colantuono and Minata Toure are from different migration waves, but share similar stories of immigration.

Immigration News Update 10-26-16

America’s real immigration crisis: Detention centers are filled by quota and courts are flooded New York Daily News 10/26/16

As immigration detention and arrests have exploded, the judicial system has struggled to keep pace. Morgenthau argues for a sane immigration policy.

New Fee Waiver Available for Naturalization!

The office of the Federal Register has announced that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be changing the fees for immigration and naturalization benefit requests, which are processed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Immigration News Update 10-24-16

Hungarian Premier Again Opposes EU on Immigration Wall Street Journal 10/23/16

Prime Minister Viktor Orban compared the EU to the Soviets, arguing in favor of looser controls on immigration and more local autonomy.

Op-ed: How America's outdated immigration laws hurt the economy Christian Science Monitor 10/24/16

Immigrant Roots: Italo Medelius

My name is Italo Medelius and I’m from Lima, Peru, originally. I come from a family of Italian descent, my grandfather was born in Italy, and he was the one that named me. My mom’s side of the family is Italian, and my grandfather married a native Peruvian woman, my grandmother. My father’s side is German, so that’s where the Medelius comes from.

Immigration News Update 10-21-16

Arrests made at local Mexican restaurants after ICE raid WKBW Buffalo 10/20/16

Sergio Mucino, 42, Jose Sanchez-Ocampo, 37, and Marguin Sanchez, 22 were arrested for employing undocumented immigrants and extensive tax evasion. The four restaurants are located in the City of Buffalo, Town of Cheektowaga and Village of Kenmore.

New Immigration Fraud Infographic Resources!


Immigration News Update 10-19-16

Louisiana’s Heartless Marriage Law The New York Times 10/18/16

Louisiana's new law requiring non-citizens to provide an unexpired visa and a birth certificate for marriage may be unconstitutional, and is clearly discriminatory.

The Immigration Debate We Need Wall Street Journal 10/18/16

Immigration News Update 10-18-16

Immigration: No Way Out [VIDEO] Al Jazeera 10/18/16 http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/we-the-people/2016/10/immigration-16...

Al Jazeera investigates the immigration situation in Tulsa, OK, where 1/5 of the population is Hispanic and HB 1804 is targeting those who transport or hire undocumented immigrants.

Illegal Immigration Is Changing. Border Security Is Still Catching Up NBC 10/17/16

Immigration News Update 10-17-16

Tech entrepreneurs are 'deeply offended' by Theresa May's 'Hard Brexit' stance on immigration Business Insider 10/17/16

Entrepreneurs in the tech and finance sectors consider moving out of London if May's hardline immigration reforms come to pass.

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