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DACA Outreach Provider: SCO Center for Family Life in Sunset Park

Blog contributor: Mary Walle - Immigrant Outreach Fellow, Jesuit Volunteer

Spotlight on DACA Outreach: SCO Center for Family Life

Outreach providers from the DYCD DACA Initiative have incorporated DACA outreach into their work in many creative ways. This week, I visited SCO Center for Family Life in Sunset Park. The team at SCO Center for Family Life has worked hard to successfully integrate DACA outreach into all aspects of their programming and services: from flyers in every food package, to advertising in local Church bulletins, and intra-agency referrals, the Center has made DACA a part of daily life.

Every month the Center partners with lawyers from Brooklyn Defender Services to host a DACA-specific legal clinic. Potential DACA recipients can make appointments or simply walk in. While there, I witnessed the flow of the Center --a few individuals came for appointments, while a number of people were referred on the spot by other staff. Since everyone on staff is knowledgeable about DACA and the DYCD DACA Initiative they can and do work as a team to ensure no one falls through the cracks.

As a longstanding member of the Sunset Park community, with many staff having grown- up in the neighborhood themselves, the Center offers a space where people are more comfortable speaking about sensitive issues such as immigration status. Many undocumented immigrants have stood up fearlessly to say “I am undocumented and unafraid” to push for reform on the city, state, and national level. However, fear remains as the ever present specter for many individuals and communities throughout the country, particularly in Sunset Park. The Center is a bridge between the Sunset Park community, a city initiative, and a federal immigration program. It accepts people where they are and helps to bring them to the other side.

Learn more about the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park and the work they are doing here.




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