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NYIC News Round Up, May 27th, 2014

With so much news out there, it’s hard to catch up on what’s affecting our immigrant communities, so in an effort to keep our followers better informed we are starting a bi-weekly blog series to re-cap news highlights regarding the NYIC, immigration, or relevant interesting topics!

So catch up on some of our news highlights below. We’ll be doing this every other week, so stay tuned!
Our very own Special Projects Coordinator, Zelene Pineda, was recently featured on Tiempo a show that broadcasts on WABC-7 to discuss Consular IDs. Watch the video below:

New York Immigration Coalition member, El Centro del Inmigrante, was featured on NY1's Staten Island Week 2014 to discuss their work in reaching out to Hispanic communities on Staten Island. Watch the video below: http://www.ny1.com/content/news/borough_spotlight/208512/staten-island-week-2014--hispanic-communities-popping-up-all-over-borough

The New York Times wrote a poignant article about how vital language access programs are in protecting victims of crimes. New York Times reporter, Julie Turkewitz, writes that despite the city hosting an array of language access programs, many New Yorkers have reported being ignored by NYPD officers when pleading for assistance in their native languages. New Yorkers are frequently left without assistance when NYPD officers report to the scene without bilingual colleagues or interpretation services. Domestic abuse cases suffer the most from the failure to implement language access programs.
Language access programs can literally mean life or death for our most vulnerable populations. For more information you can access the article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/12/nyregion/language-barrier-continues-to-thwart-victims-of-crimes.html?ref=nyregion&_r=0

According to a study done by Tom K. Wong, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego with Carolina Valdivia, PhD student, Harvard, undocumented millennials are becoming increasingly disenchanted with both sides of the US’ two-party political system. Only roughly half of those who have grown up in the US without status identify with the Democratic Party.

Even though this group is unable to vote because of their status, the findings of this survey are significant because of how politically powerful DREAMers are and their influence on Latino voters. Undocumented millennials are much more politically active than their documented counterparts with 4 in 10 having attended a demonstration or rally. According to the study, “nearly three-quarters of young immigrants said their support of Democrats in the future would depend on whether the party worked to “address the issue of separation of families because of deportation” (Preston 2014).
The study surveyed 1,472 immigrants in late 2013 and early this year – and the pool came from ads on the side of facebook.

On Monday, the 26th, 50 activists began a 74-mile on-foot journey recreating the path countless migrants have travelled through the desert. Since October 2013, over 62 migrants have died in the Sonora Desert on their way to Arizona.
The group began the march in the Mexican state of Sonora and “in the coming days will cross the border on a journey of 74 miles that will bring them to Tucson next Sunday” (EFE 2014). Todd Miller, one of the founders of the march, had hoped immigration reform would have passed years ago making this journey unnecessary; instead, there has been no change and they are now on their 11th year: “It's very sad to note that we continue hearing the same stories again and again” (EFE 2014).

Advocates have continued to work to make courthouses off-limits to immigration officials. In an unsettling trend, immigration officials have begun to use courthouses to detain and deport those who are participating in the justice system.
Advocates have warned that the increased presence of immigration officials will prevent immigrants from exercising their “their constitutional rights of due process; petitioning for redress of grievances, such as wage claims against employers; and satisfying their civic duties, such as paying traffic tickets” (Semple 2014). Many have mobilized across the country to keep ICE out of courthouses, including lawmakers in Wisconsin, and US Congresswoman Gwen Moore.

After an unprecedented increase in unaccompanied youth migrants crossing the border, Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson has declared a level-four condition of readiness and has moved to set-up an emergency shelter for youth at an Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX. The shelter can accommodate up to 1,000 youth for four months. Mr. Johnson said the issue became a top-priority after he encountered a child of just three years old at the McAllen Border Patrol Station. Officials say many youth are fleeing gang violence in their homes or seeking to reunite with parents in the United States. The majority of youth are not eligible to remain in the United States and are returned home.


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