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What We Need in the New Year

 What We Need in the New Year:


After an invigorating and inspiring year here at the New York Immigration Coalition, we are looking ahead to 2013 and everything we want to accomplish.  But we can’t do it alone. This is why we are asking for a donation.

This year, together with you, we accomplished so much, including:

  • Registering our 300,000th new citizen voter and mobilizing immigrant voters together with groups across the nation; our growing voting power means immigration reform is within reach!
  • Keeping up the pressure on the White House, resulting in the administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA) to protect young people from deportation and grant them work authorization.
  • Educating nearly 3,000 young people and their families and training more than 100 lawyers about DACA; and helping nearly 1,000 young people submit DACA applications thus far.
  • Bringing 1,300 individuals and 94 organizations to Albany to press our agenda for economic and social justice.
  • Building momentum at the state level to expand tuition assistance to all students, and providing workshops for hundreds of immigrant parents on the college process and financial planning for college.
  • Working to ensure that immigrants hurt by Hurricane Sandy are included in relief efforts.

Next year, help us do more!

Your donation can help us:

  • Bring our fight for immigration reform across the finish line.
  • Foster the leadership and civic engagement of immigrant communities.
  • Ensure that the state, in implementing the Affordable Care Act, addresses the health care needs of all New Yorkers, including immigrants.
  • Build the college readiness of immigrant students.

And so much more.

Your contribution of:

$25 –Provides a bus ticket to Washington, DC, to rally for immigration reform!

$50 – Allows us to print and translate college guides into multiple languages to help immigrant parents send their children to college!

$100 – Helps us work with hospitals to ensure language access for all patients.

$250 – Supports our advocacy to make sure Hurricane Sandy relief and recovery efforts reach immigrant communities.

$500 –Helps us provide training and technical assistance to immigrant organizations who are stopping the deportation of a mother with a U.S citizen child, filing a deferred action application for a young DREAMer, and helping a hard-working father to naturalize.

$1000 or more –Ensures our capacity to be nimble and flexible in anticipating and responding to emerging issues of critical importance to immigrant communities, to New York State, and to the nation at large.



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