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May 1-Rally for Immigrants' Rights on May Day

This Friday, join the New York Immigration Coalition and thousands of other New Yorkers at the May Day Rally for a Pathway to Citizenship and for An End to Economic Inequality. With Congress blocking immigration reform and Albany stalled on the New York State DREAM Act, it is important for immigrants to show their strength to elected officials.

The May Day immigration rallies began in 2006 as a way to stand up to a House bill that would have turned undocumented immigrants into criminals. Since then they have become an annual way for immigrants around the country to stand with labor unions, community groups, and immigrant organizations for a broad program for immigrant workers.

Just days before the rally will take place, the House of Representatives held hearings to deprive the children of many immigrants of the right to United States Citizenship even if they were born in this country. Twenty-six states, including some with large immigrant populations like Texas, have blocked President Obama's planned Executive Action for immigration with a lawsuit pending in Federal Court. Washington and Albany need to hear the immigrant voice today as much as they did in 2006. You will not only be joined by many of your neighbors, but the impact of the rally will be magnified by scores of other May Day rallies across the country.

by Pat Young is an attorney with the Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN).


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