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Educating & Mobilizing Voters

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Educating & Mobilizing Voters

The immigrant electorate is a powerful force that has the ability to impact city, state and federal policy.  According to recent census data, New York is home to more than 1 million foreign-born voters.  However, in spite these impressive numbers, ensuring an educated and active electorate requires hard work.   According to results from the 2008 New York City Voter Exit Poll, immigrant communities that often fall outside the reach of traditional election outreach from campaigns and political parties.  In 2008, only about 10% of foreign born voters reported being contacted by political parties or campaigns, roughly half the rate of their native-born counterparts in NYC.  

The NYIC's voter education and get-out-the-vote activities play a critical role in addressing this information gap -- ensuring that voters understand their rights inside and outside the voting booth and also know where candidates stand on issues of importance to New York's immigrant communities.


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