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Immigration Navigator Statement of Principles

See below for NYIC Immigration Navigator Statement of Principles. At Immigration Navigator trainings, participants are expected to sign a form to show that they agree to adhere to the principles in their work as Immigration Navigators. 


Statement of Principles

  • Outreach and Education: Engage in coordinated regional outreach programs designed to increase awareness and provide relevant populations with information regarding changes in immigration laws and policies.

  • Open-source: Promote information and resource-sharing among NYIC and its members pertaining to education, training, outreach, data collection, and analyses related to legislative and executive actions.

  • Best Practices: Coordinate with NYIC and its members to develop, implement, and use innovative and efficient legal and social service models that promote best practices.

  • Tracking: Coordinate with NYIC and respond promptly to NYIC’s reasonable requests for data collection, including the provision of anonymous and aggregate case information and numbers of community members who have been helped by participants of the Immigration Navigator trainings, webinars, and follow-up information shared.

  • Technological Effectiveness: Coordinate with NYIC and its members to develop, share, implement, and use technological tools to expand the reach and effectiveness of immigrant services.

  • Training: Help create, implement and use training and educational programs for service providers regarding immigration law and policy.

  • Capacity-Building: Commit to receive trainings and work towards building the capacity of member organizations in order to serve larger and more diverse immigrant communities; respond to reasonable requests from NYIC and its members for volunteering, partnership, and coordination.

  • Excellence: Provide a consistent and high level of services to the immigrant populations they serve.

  • Anti-fraud: Work to minimize incidences of immigration fraud.

  • Responsibility: Agree to utilize NYIC tools and resources in a responsible fashion. This includes, and is not limited to, avoiding inadvertently engaging in the unauthorized practice of immigration law, understanding and practicing the maxim that non-lawyers must not render legal advice, using legal information in general ways to help community members, only working (volunteer) with the NYIC or an NYIC member (or a NYIC organizational partner if a NYIC member is not available), when giving presentations and provide any other assistance to members in her community; actively seeking the advice and supervision of legal services providers whenever in doubt, and working with lawyers and other legal services providers to support their provision of legal assistance to community members.


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