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Help Us Get Ready for 2013!

Dear Friends,

Two weeks ago, we offered a job to Max Ahmed, a young man about to graduate from college. Not a remarkable thing, necessarily; Max is bright and personable; he had participated in a leadership-development program at the NYIC last spring and has continued volunteering with us ever since.

But when he began the program with us, we never knew we would be able to hire him less than a year later. He is a
DREAMer, brought to the US in his youth, who has excelled in high school and in college as a student and an athlete.

But he did not have lawful status here and was not authorized to work, and it was unclear what his options would be after college.

And then, three weeks ago, he stopped by the office to show us his work authorization card—the result of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), implemented by the Obama administration last August, to protect eligible young people from deportation and allow them to work. It’s a temporary fix, and it doesn’t change his immigration status—we still need immigration reform! But while that campaign continues, DACA allows him to move his life forward, pursue his dreams, and contribute as fully as possible to the country he calls home.

DACA happened because the NYIC, with our 200 member groups across the state, our allies across the nation, and the
brave young DREAMers who came out from the shadows to tell their stories, would not stay quiet in the face of 400,000 deportations a year. When Congress was hopelessly caught in partisan deadlock, we pressured the White House to use the powers inherent in the Presidency to begin to restore some reason and fairness to our immigration system. And it happened!

We could not have done it without your support! And we still need your support - click HERE to DONATE to the NYIC! Or send your donation to the NYIC at 137-139 West 25th Street, 12th floor, New York, NY 10001.

The NYIC is a policy advocacy organization—we see the big picture, and work for systemic change:

  • Repairing our broken immigration system.
  • Improving immigrant access to health care.
  • Addressing the needs of students still learning English.
  • Fostering the leadership and civic engagement of immigrant communities.
  • Building the capacity of immigrant organizations to meet the needs of their communities.
  • Anticipating and responding to emerging issues: we are working now to ensure that immigrants hurt by Hurricane Sandy are not neglected in relief efforts. 

We also push for big numbers—this past year, with our member organizations,

  • We registered our 300,000th new citizen voter.
  • We educated and mobilized 30,000 voters.
  • We had record turnout at our annual state advocacy day, bringing 1,300 individuals and 94 organizations to Albany to press our agenda for economic and social justice.
  • We have educated nearly 3,000 young people and their families and trained 122 lawyers about DACA; and we have helped nearly 1,000 young people submit DACA applications thus far.
  • We provided workshops for hundreds of immigrant parents on the college process and financial planning for college, and helped nearly 10,000 individuals obtain consulate IDs—a form of ID that can be used to enter their child’s school, to open a bank account, to facilitate their integration into the civic and economic life of our nation.

Please help us continue this important work by clicking HERE!

We have the ear of officials at the city, state, and federal levels , but we need your support to make sure they listen.

There’s undeniable momentum for immigration reform—but it won’t be easy.

We are at a moment of great challenge and great opportunity, and we can’t rise to the occasion on oxygen alone. We need your financial help!

It’s about dreaming big and acting to make that dream real, to overcome obstacles, to move us to a more perfect union. But sometimes it comes down to the small picture, the everyday stuff, the close-up of a family seated around a dinner table in celebration, their son Max holding his work authorization card, ready to make his mark on the country he calls home.

Join us in this vital work. We need you to make it happen.

Thank you!


Chung-Wha Hong
Executive Director

PS: There’s a lot to do in the coming year. Please don’t stand by the sidelines—we need everyone to pitch in at this moment! If you’re new to the NYIC, we welcome your support at whatever level you are comfortable with--$25, $100, $250, you name it. If you’ve supported us in the past, please consider increasing your support this year!

PPS: This year marked our 25th anniversary. Won’t you help us launch the next quarter-century with a bang? Click HERE to donate to the NYIC!


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