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Northstar Fund blogpost: October 5th: Real Immigration Reform

The original post appeared on the blog of the Northstar Fund

Post by Steven Choi, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition 

This is the moment, friends. As Congress continues its theatrics around Obamacare, the government shutdown, and Dr.Seuss, thousands across the country are preparing for a national day of action for immigration reform. On October 5th, NewYorkers for Real Immigration Reform -- the statewide campaign coordinated by the New York Immigration Coalition and encompassing some 170 groups -- will hold a rally in Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn, and a march across the Brooklyn Bridge. This is but one of 117 events across the country. The message is simple: move a comprehensive immigration reform bill to the House floor, get a bill to the president for his signature, and stop the senseless deportations.

In the three months since the Senate passed its bill and the House has dickered and grandstanded, 100,000 immigrants have been deported, many of them the very people -- the mothers, fathers, children -- who would be offered lawful status under the Senate bill.

Enough already. For more than a decade immigrant, faith, labor, and business groups have been pushing for a sensible immigration system that meets the needs of our economy, honors family, and recognizes the inherent dignity of all individuals. During that time, we've seen the level of anti-immigrant sentiment rise to astounding heights, but we're in a different moment now. Both immigrant and native-born Americans have seen the damage done by our broken immigration system: the sorrow of separated families, the crops that rot in the fields, the businesses shuttered.

New Yorkers for Real Immigration Reform is going to be out in full force on October 5th to change that. Dozens of groups -- including North Star Fund grantees NICE, El Centro, Adhikaar, MinKwon, and La Union -- are leading the charge on October 5th to show the depth and breadth of support for immigration reform.

Either the House members get their act together and do the job they were elected to do, or they continue to favor political calculation and self-promotion over the public good. They'll see where that gets them come election day 2014, as if 2012 wasn't enough of a wake-up call.


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