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Join the “National Day of Fasting for Immigration Reform”! Tuesday, December 3rd

Today is the 16th day of the “Fast for Families” in Washington D.C, where dozens are fasting day and night, abstaining from all food – except water – in an effort to appeal to John Boehner and his colleagues to pass true immigration reform.

Among the fasters was New York Immigration Coalition board member, S.J Jung of the MinKwon Center for Community Action, who fasted for nine days until medical reasons required that he leave the “Fast for Families” tent on the West Lawn of the Capitol building.

[Photo Right] The Fasters in D.C. [Photo left] S.J Jung shakes hands with a supporter at the Fast for Families Tent on the lawn of the Capitol.

The fasters were visited by Vice President Joe Biden, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Charles Schumer, Congresswoman Grace Meng, nearly thirty other bipartisan members of Congress, and several high-ranking White House staff, including Senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett. President Obama honored the fasters by urging the passage of immigration reform, saying to the fasters, “We hear you. The whole country is with you.”

Upon his return to New York, SJ has asked everyone to join the National Day of Fasting for Immigration Reform on Tuesday, December 3rd. Listen to why SJ is asking New York’s immigrant communities and allies to join:

Will you pledge to spend one day without food to show solidarity and come together as a nation to recommit support for immigration reform? Pledge to join by clicking HERE.

Message from SJ Jung, boardmember of the New York Immigration Coalition and president of MinKwon Center for Community Action:

Coming on the heels of October’s massive marches and widespread civil disobedience actions, we are holding this fast in front of the Capital Building in DC as another loud and clear wake-up call to our nation, especially to Speaker Boehner and House Republicans. Our message is simple: Inaction is neither a solution nor an option. Now is the time for real immigration reform.
In June, the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill that has since hit a stone wall of Republican opposition in the House. But do you know what’s been truly stonewalled by Speaker Boehner and House Republicans? It’s not just immigration reform. Speaker Boehner and House Republicans are turning deaf ears to Americans who, in poll after poll, are shown overwhelmingly to support comprehensive immigration reform. They are turning cold shoulders on the sufferings of immigrants whose families are torn apart and whose dreams are shattered by our nation’s broken immigration system. They are turning blind eyes to the lost jobs and foregone opportunity costs to our nation’s economy from their inaction. Most importantly, they are stonewalling voices of unity and hope.
By fasting in DC, we are trying to share, in one small way, the pain and sorrow of 400,000 immigrants who are deported each year. It is way past due to stop this 21st century trail of tears. We’re fasting to highlight that real immigration reform is not only a moral imperative, but also an indispensible bridge that will connect us to a more prosperous and secure America.
To Speaker Boehner and House Republicans, the clock is ticking. Now is not the time for lip service or delaying tactics. Now is the time for swift action. Now is the time to bring a comprehensive immigration reform bill to a vote in the House or clearly articulate an expedited timetable for immigration reform. Our nation cannot wait. We need real immigration reform that provides undocumented immigrants with a clear pathway to citizenship, keeps families together, protects workers, and safeguards civil rights. Immigration reform now!

-- S.J. Jung

Join the National Day of Fasting for Immigration Reform on Tuesday, December 3rd! And call the House GOP Leadership to tell them why you are fasting.

I am pledging to go without food for 24 hours because of the pain and suffering that the House GOP is causing by delaying a vote on immigration reform. Give our community a vote on citizenship now!

Speaker of the House John Boehner: (202) 225-0600
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor: (202) 225-2815
House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy: (202) 225-2915


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