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Coalition Applauds Analysis of the Impact of Scheduled Cuts to New York City’s Public Hospital System


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New York  (Tuesday, May 12, 2015)

Coalition Applauds Analysis of the Impact of Scheduled Cuts to New York City’s Public Hospital System

The New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) applauds the release of an important new report from the Office of the New York City Comptroller forecasting the impact of millions of dollars of impending federal cuts to hospitals in NYC. New York City’s immigrant communities depend on the New York City’s public hospital system, the Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), for preventive, primary, and specialty care. Many immigrants depend on these services because they are excluded from federally-funded health programs like Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act marketplace (also known as “Obamacare). HHC’s ability to weather changes in financing is of paramount importance to immigrant communities.

Additionally, the Comptroller’s report draws attention to the need for New York State and City to identify sustainable state and local solutions to support coverage for all state residents. A recent policy analysis completed by the NYIC and the Hastings Center, “Undocumented Immigrants and Access to Health Care in New York City,” shows that even with the city’s safety-net health care system, specific gaps in coverage and financing prevent immigrants from receiving cohesive, coordinated care. As the NYIC/Hastings Center have noted, promising models from around the country exist on which the city can draw to improve access for populations that remain uninsured, and to improve sustainability for existing safety net services. As the Comptroller’s report highlights, in the absence of federal action to prevent cuts, a state-funded coverage program for all New York residents would create greater sustainability for all New York State public institutions, including HHC.

NYIC’s Executive Director Steven Choi said, “Decisions made at the federal level have real and lasting consequences for New York City families. We are gratified by Health and Hospitals Corporation’s commitment to ensure that they can continue to provide life-sustaining care for all New York residents. We hope that New York State will also step up as a partner in creating coverage opportunities for all New York residents, and we will continue to work with partners nationwide to protect federal funding for safety net institutions.”


The New York Immigration Coalition is an umbrella policy and advocacy organization for nearly 200 groups in New York State that work with immigrants and refugees.The NYIC aims to achieve a fairer and more just society that values the contributions of immigrants and extends opportunity to all by promoting immigrants’ full civic participation, fostering their leadership, and providing a unified voice and a vehicle for collective action for New York’s diverse immigrant communities.


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