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Immigration News Update 12/7/16

Donald Trump Faces Pressure on How to Handle Young Immigrants Wall Street Journal 12/6/16

DACA is a political live wire, with the potential to alienate huge sectors of the population on both sides of the decision. 

Council Votes to Keep NYC a Sanctuary City The Observer 12/6/16

The New York City Council, including members Menchaca, Lander, and Speaker Mark-Viverito, affirm NYC's commitment to protecting undocumented immigrants.

Here's How California Plans to Fight Donald Trump's Immigration Plans Fortune 12/6/16

California electeds propose laws to create legal defense funds for immigrants, as well as centers for education on immigration law. 

Three-Day Hotline to Inform Trump-Wary Immigrants on Their Rights Voices of New York 12/6/16 https://voicesofny.org/2016/12/three-day-hotline-to-inform-trump-wary-im...

The New York Immigration Coalition, Univisión 41, Wado 1280, the Office for New Americans, Catholic Charities and the city’s Commission on Human Rights will host a three day call line for those confused about immigration after the election.

Angela Merkel Calls for Ban on Full-Face Veils in Germany New York Times 12/6/16

In an attempt to appeal to the far right, Merkel calls for a ban on full-face veils in Germany and repudiates Shariah law.

Trump allies warn: No compromise on immigration The Hill 12/6/16

Trump's conservative allies are determined to hold him to his hard-line policies on immigration and border security.

Court Interpreters Say When They’re Mistreated, Immigrants Suffer Too Huffington Post 12/6/16 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/immigration-court-interpreters_us_58...

Court interpreters are not being paid for their travel expenses in many instances; experienced interpreters are leaving the field, leaving immigrants to those with less experience.

Trump: 'We’re going to work something out' with Dreamers Politico 12/7/16

In his Time magazine interview, Trump softens on DACA recipients, hinting at the possibility of a political deal on the program.


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