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Immigration News Update

Police And Illegal Immigration: What Our Neighbors Do NPR 12/21/16

NPR finds that sanctuary cities in the U.S. offer far more protections than those in Canada.

Documents suggest Palantir could help power Trump's ‘extreme vetting’ of immigrants The Verge 12/21/16 http://www.theverge.com/2016/12/21/14012534/palantir-peter-thiel-trump-i...

Palantir, a data-mining firm owned by Trump advisor Peter Thiel, has helped US Customs and Border Protection track immigrants.

Don’t Blame Rescue-at-Sea Organizations for Migrants Coming to Europe Time 12/21/16

Blaming rescue missions for refugee travel obscures the complex factors causing migrants to leave home in the first place.

For Millions of Immigrants, a Common Language: WhatsApp New York Times 12/21/16

Immigrants across the world are using app technology, including Whatsapp, to communicate across borders.

UN to create team that will probe Syria war crimes Al Jazeera 12/22/16

The UN has overwhelmingly voted to begin investigation into war crimes in Syria.

Obama to Dismantle Visitor Registry Before Trump Can Revive It New York Times 12/22/16

Obama is moving to dissolve the legal framework for the NSEERS program, which tracked males from Islamic countries, before Trump takes office.

New York City Should Keep ID Data for Now, Judge Rules New York Times 12/21/16

NYIC Executive Director Steve Choi is quoted in this piece, which highlights the ongoing struggle over the IDNYC data.

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