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Immigration News Update 1/17/17

‘This is Our New York’ initiative presents city’s diversity Washington Times 1/14/17 
Check out the Associated Press' writeup of Saturday's This is Our NY campaign launch, featuring street teams in Union Square and across the city!
Special Report: Obama's Controversial Policy of Immigrant Family Detention Could Expand Under Trump Democracy Now! 1/17/17 
The Obama administration has housed asylum seekers in private jails; under Trump, things could get even worse.
Protesters Across US Decry Trump's Anti-Immigrant Stance New York Times 1/14/17 
The New York Immigration Coalition mobilized 400 protestors to the "We Are Here to Stay" rally for immigrants' rights; in NYC, we launched our #OurNY campaign with social media street teams.
Immigration should not divide black and Latinx people Al Jazeera 1/15/17 
Immigration activists must include the histories of black immigrants, instead of relying on the narrative that pits Latinx immigrants against African-Americans.
Reasons to fear Trump for both legal and undocumented immigrants New York Daily News 1/16/17 
Trump could end DACA, step up the use of expedited removal, and more.
Obama created DACA - but he also created a deportation infrastructure that may be used to new extremes under Donald Trump.

Obama's love of reading and literature sustained him during the most "isolating" moments of his presidency, and connected him to those who came before.
All the information you need to know about the upcoming inauguration.
Women's March on Washington: What you need to know CNN 1/16/17

The New York Immigration Coalition is co-sponsoring The Women's March on Washington, a historic women's march to take place the day after the inauguration. 


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