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Immigration News Update 1/18/17

Trump pledges 'firm' immigration plan with 'a lot of heart' Politico 1/18/17
Trump once again wavers on immigration, promising a "firm" immigration plan with "heart" for DACA recipients and others. Details have yet to be released.
Mexico or America? A Couple, One of Them Undocumented, Weigh the Risks of Where to Live New York Times 1/16/17 
The complicated struggle of navigating a relationship where one partner may be deported.
Mixed-status immigrant families fear Trump's policies to come Chicago Tribune 1/18/17 
In Illinois, more than 500,000 people live in mixed-status families. Their status will be unclear after January 20th.

3 things to watch during Tom Price’s confirmation hearing CNBC 1/18/17 
Price wants to restructure Medicare and has been a leading opponent of the Affordable Care Act.

Betsy DeVos’s Education Hearing Erupts Into Partisan Debate New York Times 1/17/17 https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/17/us/politics/betsy-devos-education-senate-hearing.html?_r=0
DeVos' record of privatizing education, combined with her total lack of experience with public schools, make her a poor choice for Secretary of Education.

To understand the Women's March on Washington, you need to understand intersectional feminism Vox 1/17/17 
Controversy within the Women's March has centered on demands for intersectionality and inclusion.

A Last Hope for a Presidential Pardon WNYC 1/18/17 
Ravi Ragbir, who received a criminal conviction requiring deportation, is hoping for a presidential pardon from Barack Obama.



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