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Immigration Fast Five 2.24.17

The Memo: Trump’s Big Immigration Gamble The Hill 2/23/17

Memos released by the Trump administration on Tuesday announce changes to immigration enforcement policies, including increases in Border Patrol officers and expedited deportations.

Four Hidden Policy Changes in Trump’s Immigration Memos Politico 2/23/17

Immigration experts decode Trump’s recently-released memos and their potential impact.

Trump's immigration plans could cripple the US economy and hurt the workers he's pledging to protect Business Insider 2/24/16

Experts agree that immigration is a benefit to the economy, while high-levels of deportation would be economically destructive.

Trump Immigration Policies Pose Conflict for Police in ‘Sanctuary Cities’ New York Times 2/24/17

Local officials who have declared "sanctuary cities" are running into trouble fighting contradictory federal policies.

Huge Stakes for Trump Immigration Do-Over CNN 2/22/17

Many are speculating possible outcomes of Trump’s immigration policies and the revised travel ban being released next week.


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