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Immigration Fast Five 2.28.17

Trump's Big Promises Come Due in Major Congress Address 2/28/17

The ambiguity of President Donald Trump's policies, that served him so well during the election, is finally catching up to him as he is expected to act on his promises and address the issues he was so fervent about. 

Activist to Address Immigration, Health After Trump Speech 2/2717

Astrid Silva, a Dreamer, to give a response in Spanish to President Donald Trump after his first speech to a joint session of Congress. She will be focusing on Trump's administrative crackdown on immigration and health care.

California Demands Info on Immigration Arrests 2/27/17

Legislators in California are demanding, under the federal Freedom of Information Act, detailed information from the Trump administration concerning ICE raids and the ongoing deportations occurring.

Alarmed by Trump, Schools Protect Vulnerable Students 2/28/17

Since Trump's limiting of protections for trans students and his restrictions on immigration school officials from several cities, including state education departments, have sent home correspondences to parents and students highlighting their ongoing dedication to protecting the rights of students.

Where and When to Watch President Donald Trump Address a Joint Session of Congress 2/28/17

President Donald Trump will be addressing a joint session of Congress today, February 28, 2017, at 6:00pm PST (9:00pm EST). He will be addressing his visions for the future and his impending plans for the challenges facing the nation. 


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