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February 28th National Day of Action. We are the Border. We are Alex Martinez.

We are the Border. We are Alex Martinez.

February 28th National Day of Action


Alex Martinez, a US Citizen, was shot and killed by U.S. Border Patrol and Local Law Enforcement in Washington State one year ago. His story is just one of thousands of people who've been mistreated in border communities. It’s clear that U.S. Border Patrol is abusing their authority and our communities.


Within 100 miles of the border, people of color, immigrants, and religious minorities are profiled, harassed at church or food pantries…or worse by Border Patrol. Latinos and Muslims shouldn’t be afraid to call 911.  Our communities shouldn’t be harassed on the way to a social service agency or at church.


From Rochester, NY to El Paso, TX; Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA; and from Detroit, MI to Tucson, AZ, on February 28th, in memory of Alex, we will join together for a national day of action to re-map “the border” and lift up our stories of living in the Northern, Southern, and coastal Border Communities.


Will you take two minutes right now to use your camera phone or webcam to send a picture with a sign saying: “(Your City), I am the Border” so we can start to re-map the border?


Click here to upload your photo, sign up for a toolkit, or to register to host an event.


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